We Are Officially Non-Profit!

Welcome to our very first edition of the OBGEC Newsletter. The month of June has proved to be an eventful month for the Oroville Botanic Gardens and Education Center. We obtained our status as a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization as well as our bank account!

With Our Seeds Potted....We Are Ready For Land To Plant Them In!

Please visit our "About Us" section to find out more about our incredible volunteer board members. Now that we have established our Board and obtained our Non-Profit Status (a.k.a planted our seeds in the pot) we are ready for land! At this point in time, there a few locations being considered for the future location of OBGEC. One being a 91 acre Oak Woodland off of Oro Bangor Highway in Oroville. This location shows great potential and so far, is the preferred location.

Another location is the abandoned Oro West Racquet Club off of Oro Dam Boulevard in Oroville, although also a promising location, it will need a lot of work.

If you have ideas for a location, please e-mail or call 951-453-2651.

Call for Volunteers: We Need Your Help!

Now that we have our non-profit status, it is time to gather a fundraising committee filled with passionate individuals who can help create and execute fundraising ideas.

We also need a volunteer grant writer! There are many grants available to non-profit organizations including one that the CA Natural Resources encouraged Susan Sims to apply for. We could use your help in preparing the application which is due August 15, 2017.

If you are interested in volunteering for OBGEC in any way, please e-mail or call 951-453-2651.


Susan Sims and Kent Fowler have been invited to attend the Plant Sentinel workshop in July 2017 at the Hoyt Arboretum in Portland, Oregon. The majority of the trip will be funded by "The Sentinel Plant Network" and the balance will be paid by Kent and Susan. This trip will help fulfill our member responsibilities for the American Public Gardens Association.

OBGEC participated in the Feather Fiesta Days Parade in the Historic Downtown District in Oroville. Special thanks to Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc. for donating their truck and trailer for the occasion as well as Sims Tree Learning Center for donating some of the plants and props.

You would have also found our mighty President, Kent, working the booth at the Wildflower & Nature Festival selling donated plants as well as taking donations. All proceeds went to OBGEC.

To view more of our upcoming events, please visit our "Events" page.

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